About eDocs

Master Builders electronic documents and online core services – eDocs – system makes creating contracts easier, faster and more intuitive!

Accessing eDocs is free and available exclusively to Master Builders members: you can log in, activate your account, take a look around the system and start new documents. When you wish to move a document from ‘draft’ to ‘final’ status, you will simply need to purchase eDocs credits via the eDocs system.

Watch an eDocs demo video to find out more.

Exciting change ahead for eDocs!

We're currently working towards the release of an improved eDocs system for release in early 2018.

If you haven't yet signed up for eDocs, you can still sign up to use the old system; however you need to know there are changes on the horizon and the current system will be available for a limited time. You may prefer to use paper contracts and start fresh with the new eDocs.  

About the changes

For existing eDocs users, one of the main changes coming will be how your credits are purchased. Unlike the options you currently have where you select from a range of credit bundles to purchase your documents, we are moving to a method where the credit you purchase in the system will be stored as dollars (i.e. $20 purchase equals $20 of account credit) and documents priced in dollar values. Discounted credit will be available and pop-up promotions will be happening at different times. 

Whilst your current credits will be converted to the new system, we recently withdrew the largest credit bundles to ensure the transition from current credit system can be processed more efficiently and seamlessly for you.

Preparing for the change

You can start getting ready for the new system by:

Don’t over-purchase credits 

We’ve reduced the number of credits you can purchase and suggest that you now start to purchase smaller blocks of credits. While credits will be transferred across to the new system, you won’t be able to do this until you close your account and completely move across. 

Completing documents

Once the new system goes live in January, you'll have 90 days to sign up and we'll assist you to get started once it's launched. While you'll need to create new contracts in the new system, the current system will be available throughout that time for you to finish off any in-progress contracts.

Start exporting/saving your completed contracts to your own systems

Contracts can't be transferred to the new system, but there's a quick and easy way to do this! We can provide you with a shortcut to access and export your documents – just request this link and we can send you all the details.

Sign up for your invitation to the new system

Tell us who needs access to the new system and we’ll ensure they receive an invitation to sign up once the system goes live. 

Book in for a FREE eDocs transition session

Like any new system, there will be a period of transition, but we'll be on hand to guide you through it. You can book a FREE 'over-the-phone' transition session with one of our support team who will talk you through exactly what you need to do to transfer.  

Got a question or concern? Contact the eDocs support team to discuss this further.

Accessing the existing eDocs system 

Signing up 

You will need to log in to eDocs using your Master Builders member number and website password. (If you haven’t yet set-up your website password, follow the prompts to re-set your password.)

Once you have activated your eDocs account, we recommend you visit eDocs helpful hints for advice on using the system for the first time.

eDocs compatibility

The new eDocs system will support the five main internet browsers (Internet Explorer 7 +, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera) and will therefore function on PC and Mac computers using these browsers. This also means you can log in to access your documents at any time, from anywhere you have an internet connection.

eDocs features

Ten reasons to activate your account and start using eDocs today!

  1. 24/7 access to create, edit and manage your contracts and supporting documents.
  2. Address book to store your own, your clients’ and your subcontractors’ details to insert quickly into your documents.
  3. Documents available online including Master Builders suite of commercial and residential contracts, subcontracts and supporting documents.
  4. Folders & files created by you, so you can keep things organised how you want them.
  5. Email functionality to send clients, subcontractors and colleagues a link to view documents as web page content.
  6. Create copy action to copy your documents and edit the necessary content whenever you need a contract similar to one you’ve already completed.  
  7. Credits pricing scheme so you only pay for the documents you use, with credits deducted from your account once a document is moved from draft to final status.
  8. Resources online to help you with contract preparation and administration.
  9. Helpful hints to help you get the most out of eDocs features and functionality.
  10. Contact us enquiry form so you can submit your eDocs questions at any time and receive a response within two business days.

Need more information?

If you have any questions about using Master Builders eDocs, please don't hesitate to contact us.