Contract administration

Contract administration involves managing your contracts to make sure you comply with and fulfill the contract conditions. Good contract administration ensures customer satisfaction and minimises disputes.

Master Builders has developed a range of resources to help members administer their contracts.

Calculating inclement weather days

In the written contract, you are required to specify allowances for likely delays to the construction period, including the number of days delay as a result of inclement weather.

To help members estimate the number of inclement weather days, Master Builders produces an inclement weather calendar or annual calendar of average days of rain per month for major regional centres across Queensland.

If you are performing work in an area that is not listed in the calendar, refer to the tables on the Bureau of Meteorology website.

Construction period calendar

The construction period calendar will help you to calculate the anticipated project completion date.

Cost escalation (residential) clause & adjustment guidelines (commercial)

Rising costs in labour and building materials, due to a variety of factors, make it difficult to price building work, and there is a risk that, during the course of a contract, the costs of performing that contract will rise or fall from the costs initially estimated. Generally, this risk cannot be controlled.

Master Builders cost escalation (price change) clause (for residential contracts) and cost adjustment guidelines (for commercial contracts) helps allocate the risk of fluctuating building costs fairly and allows the price of the contract to change according to changes in the building expenses (labour or materials).

A special condition of contract will be necessary to include these provisions in a Contract. 

Project documentation checklist

The project documentation checklist is a comprehensive checklist to help members ensure each step of the building process has been completed.

Supervisors' construction checklist

The supervisors' construction checklist will help supervisors involved in the day-to-day site administration of a residential or commercial project, for new or renovation work.


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