Employment & wages

Our experienced team of employment relations experts offer specialised services unique to Master Builders, providing members with comprehensive and tailored information.

Whether you need advice on wages, employment conditions, WorkCover requirements or dispute resolution, we’ve got it covered.

Operations assistance

  • Award wage rates, allowances and penalty payments
  • Redundancy and long service leave calculations
  • WorkCover requirements
  • Distinguishing between contractors and employees
  • Employment relations site management including on-site conditions, confidential auditing of wages, superannuation information, workers compensation, and general award and agreement liabilities

Strategic advice

  • Negotiation and development of enterprise agreements
  • Dealing with unions and staff
  • Dispute prevention, management and resolution
  • Tendering advice (National Code Compliance issues)
  • Employment advisory service covering award interpretation, recruitment, employment contracts, performance counselling and employment termination.

Need more information?

If your questions are not answered by the information provided on our website, you can phone us or email us to clarify key concepts and gain tailored advice regarding the individual arrangements operating in your business.

Please have your Master Builders membership number handy when you call.