Dealing with unions

The Fair Work Act 2009 (the Act) determines the degree to which unions may involve themselves in the workplace. From involvement in enterprise bargaining to the provisions on right of entry, unions have considerable rights under the Act.

This section of the website provides an overview on dealing with unions; however, if your business is subject to, or faces the imminent likelihood of, industrial action, you are encouraged to seek the immediate assistance of Master Builders.

Contact Master Builders for further guidance and advice.

Freedom of association

Provisions protecting freedom of association state that employers, employees and independent contractors have the right to join or not join an employer organisation or trade union. Employees may elect not to join such an association, and they are protected from discrimination and victimisation.

Based on their choice to join or not join a union, an employee may not be:

  • Sacked, refused employment or given preference in employment
  • Employed on less money than someone else doing the same job
  • Given less favourable shifts or given less overtime
  • Otherwise injured in their employment.