Leave, RDOs & public holidays

The National Employment Standards (NES), form part of the Fair Work Act 2009, and apply to employees in the private sector, which cannot be reduced by awards or enterprise agreements or contracts of employment. These include an employee's entitlement to leave, RDOs and public holiday pay.

RDOs & public holidays

Master Builders produces  RDO (rostered days off) and public holiday calendars as a handy, downloadable resource for members.

The building and construction industry has traditionally worked a 38-hour week, with one day per month for an RDO. The ordinary hours are worked as 8 hours’ x 19 days, and the twentieth day is taken as the RDO. However, RDOs are not mandatory under the award and employers may agree with the employees to work an alternative pattern of hours. For example, 7.6-hour day each day, or 8 hours per day Monday – Thursday, with 6 hours Friday.   

Note, the RDOs are indicative only:

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