Modern award wages

All businesses must observe the pay and conditions contained within Modern Awards.

Despite this general rule, some Queensland apprentices were previously engaged under special Queensland regulations with wages less than the Modern Award. However, this recently ended.

Read about the Queensland apprentices - Federal Court Decision

Wage circulars

Master Builders produces wage circulars for its members, summarising important information from a range of modern awards. Members will need to log in to access the wage circulars.

Wage circulars for modern awards are effective from 1 July and can be downloaded from the Wage Circulars page.

View full versions of modern awards

View full versions of building and construction industry modern awards:

Modern Award Manual

Master Builders Modern Award Manual (Fourth Edition) provides employers with comprehensive guidance about the main modern award for the construction sector – the Building and Construction General On-Site Award 2010.

The manual provides:

  • Plain English interpretation
  • Links to key decisions by Fair Work Commission
  • Practical examples
  • Essential historical and industrial relations perspectives.

Updated annually from 1 July for any amendments by Fair Work Commission (including its minimum wage decisions), the manual is the must-have publication for all employers trying to navigate this complex modern award. 

Purchase the manual from the eShop.

Modern award flexibility

Modern awards also contain a flexibility term, which means employers and employees may negotiate changes to meet their individual needs relating to issues specified in the clause, providing that:

  • There is a genuine agreement to do so
  • The conditions don’t dip below the award
  • The employee is better off under the agreement.

For a copy of the template for a flexibility agreement, you can phone us or email us.

Please have your Master Builders membership number handy when you call.