Safety training

Master Builders offers comprehensive safety training, with a range of courses available covering everything from basic work health and safety issues in the General Safety Induction, to training for specific health and safety issues, including Electrical Testing & Tagging and Construction First Aid.

General safety induction

Before starting any construction work, all workers (including subcontractors) must successfully complete a general construction induction course (or ‘white card’ training, as it is commonly referred to) prescribed under the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011.

The general construction induction card is intended to provide building and construction industry workers with an introductory understanding and the knowledge needed to commence work in the industry. A white card, formally known as a blue card, is issued as evidence that someone has completed a general construction induction course.

Master Builders delivers the General Safety Induction as a four-hour course, which provides basic awareness of common work health and safety issues encountered in the building and construction industry.

Site-specific safety induction

Site-specific safety inductions are no longer a specific legal requirement on commercial projects* under the new health and safety laws. However, because the legal duties of builders towards subcontractors and their workers are now significantly broader, Master Builders strongly encourages builders undertaking any commercial construction to continue site inducting all personnel. The site induction should, at a minimum, be based on:

  • Identification and management of site-specific risks and hazards
  • Project details including staffing arrangements and responsibilities, key roles and contacts, and hours of operation
  • Site rules
  • First aid arrangements
  • Location of amenities
  • Emergency procedures
  • Administrative arrangements including incident and hazard reporting, safety committees and safety representatives (where applicable) and consultation.

* Please note: Site inductions are not, and have never been, a legal requirement on housing construction sites.

Safety seminars

Master Builders also runs safety seminars to help you stay up-to-date with all the latest industry developments and understand your responsibilities and obligations when it comes to work health and safety. Search the events calendar to find a seminar time and location near you.

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