Commercial builder

As the only industry body in Queensland servicing the commercial construction sector, Master Builders membership is the key to your success in the construction industry. With nine offices throughout Queensland, our regional footprint is unmatched by any other industry organisation. Master Builders can help you wherever you are working.

Commercial builders like Laing O’Rourke, Hutchinson Builders and Watpac invest in Master Builders membership to positively influence outcomes on industry issues, receive unlimited professional advice and assistance with dispute resolution, and stay up-to-date with rapidly changing building codes, laws and regulations.

Master Builders membership is an investment that will be repaid many times over. Become a member today!

The benefit of Master Builders membership is being part of an industry group that can steer and influence our sector. Master Builders has regular contact with other industry associations and government – they act like a conduit of communication between these parties. Master Builders also keeps me informed of legislative change in construction, safety and industrial relations. Damian Dove, Building Group Operations Manager, Laing O'Rourke

Shape government policies, programs & legislation

With more than 8,000 members, Master Builders is a major force within the industry and is in a strong position to influence decisions and help shape government policies, programs and legislation. We work hard to protect and advance the interests of commercial builders in Queensland through active lobbying to all levels of government and strong representation on industry bodies.

In 2009, we directly represented the interests of all members before Fair Work Australia in successfully extending the payroll tax amnesty, saving members time and money. We also made major submissions on industry issues to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC), WorkCover Queensland, Workplace Health & Safety Queensland and various other government departments.

Comply with legal & contractual obligations

Master Builders has 130 years of experience helping commercial builders to comply with their legal and contractual obligations, and employment and health and safety requirements.

Our experienced team can give you information or advice on employment and wages and WorkCover requirements.

We can also help you draft, negotiate and file an enterprise agreement, give advice or representation to Fair Work Australia on unfair dismissals, dispute resolution and more. An unfair dismissal matter could cost you up to $2,000 if the matter goes to a conference, plus $5,000 if it progresses to a hearing. If you’re a Master Builders member and use our services – it won’t cost you a thing!

In 2009/2010, we negotiated approximately 600 industry agreements and represented 50 members with regards to workplace relation disputes – at no additional cost to members. This type of service would usually cost you $150–$300 per hour.

Information about issues that affect your business

With regular updates on changes to laws, codes and regulations, Master Builders keeps members informed. As a commercial builder member, you will be kept up-to-date about issues that affect your business via the member-only Master Builder magazine; regular, tailored email alerts; and member events.

Analysis on the latest industry trends

Master Builders industry reports provide commercial builders with insight, information and analysis on the state of Queensland's building industry, both at a state-wide and regional specific level. Our industry and hot topic reports are highly regarded and widely quoted in the media.


Master Builders offers a wide range of insurance products, at competitive prices, tailored to the diverse needs of the building and construction industry, including construction works, public and products liability, and other general insurance. If you need to make a claim, we’re there with you, to help you obtain a fast and fair settlement.