Queensland Code of Practice

The Queensland Code of Practice for the Building and Construction Industry came into effect from 1 July 2013.

The State Code of Practice introduced by the Queensland Government for the building and construction industry intends to ensure best practice outcomes for state projects, while promoting positive behaviour changes in the industry. 

The Queensland Code of Practice for the Building and Construction Industry:

  • Defines ethics and standards of behaviour expected of all parties 
  • Encourages best practice and improve the performance of all parties for the relevant industry 
  • Promotes a cooperative approach when dealing with various parties
  • Outlines expectations for workplace health and safety environmental management 
  • Maximises opportunities for local industry participation as an aspect of value for money 
  • Encourages professional development and industry training 
  • Encourages high standards from those involved in the industry, with commitment to comply with all laws, regulations, codes of practice and contracts relating to the industry.

The Code of Practice and Implementation Guidelines, that explain key aspects and objectives of the code, apply from 1 July 2013 to all Queensland Government publicly funded building and construction work, as defined, exceeding $2 million in value (including design) that is the subject of an expression of interest or request for tender by the Queensland Government. 

The code places an additional requirement to provide a Workplace Relations Management Plan, which Master Builders can assist you with, on state building construction projects exceeding $10 million in value and road/rail or other civil engineering construction projects exceeding $20 million in value (including design).

In particular, the guidelines support:

  • Proactive management of workplace relations. Workplace relations practices shall ensure the strict rule of law applies so all parties are protected from unlawful conduct. 
  • Cost efficiency and productivity. Projects are to be delivered on time and within budget with real value for money for the government and the Queensland taxpayer. 
  • Workplace health and safety and rehabilitation. Parties shall achieve and maintain high standards in workplace health and safety and rehabilitation management and practices. 
  • Innovation and continuous improvement. Parties are to demonstrate a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in workplace and workforce management practices at the enterprise and project levels, and in the industry generally.

You can download the guidelines, compliance schedule, factsheets, checklists, model workplace relations management plan and clauses, and other helpful tools to help you from the Department of Justice website.