Master Builders prepares for a high-tech future

Published: 28 January 2016

Master Builders’ new logo and tag line “The Home of Building” is designed to prepare the building and construction industry for a future that will require high-tech gadgetry rather than muscle or brawn.

Master Builders executive director Grant Galvin said the launch was an ideal time to recognise the renaissance occurring in the building industry.

“The builder of the future is more likely to be using digital technology and 3D printing than swinging a hammer or nail gun,” Mr Galvin said.

“In the future, technology is going to overhaul our industry completely. It won’t happen overnight but there is a distinct move towards the use of pre-fabricated products, 3D printing and digital systems to assist builders to manage their businesses. Eventually, artificial intelligence and robotic labour will mean many trades will be required to build upon existing skills.

“For starters, off-site pre-fabrication, modular buildings and components (such as complete bathrooms and kitchens) are already being constructed in Australia and overseas. These changes could also see many trades working in a manufacturing or workshop environment. The industry will need to also proactively manage the quality control of products which are increasingly being manufactured off-shore.

“These issues, combined with increased reliance on technology will require up-skilling and changes to the way we develop our staff and attract and retain them. All of this adds up to an exciting future for the industry and those who work in it. However, it also requires Master Builders to play a vital role in helping members and the industry to carefully and methodically make this transition.”

Mr Galvin said he was confident the industry was up to the task of meeting these challenges, but warned there was still a long way to go.

“It is no longer possible to pretend these changes are not already well on their way,” Mr Galvin said.

“The industry needs to develop a sense of urgency in adopting new methods of construction and technologies or we risk being left behind by other countries more adept at embracing change.”

Master Builders has a rich history that stretches back 135 years and research showed members wanted a more contemporary brand which reflects the current positive industry outlook.

“Our future will see us supporting our members building Queensland, building stronger bonds within our industry and creating relationships within our communities,” Mr Galvin said.