Changed transition date for EBA compliance with 2016 Building Code

Published: 1 March 2017

EBAs made before 2 December 216

Previously, EBAs made before 2 December 2016 didn't need to be compliant with the 2016 Building Code until 28 November 2018, which enabled eligible contractors to tender for Commonwealth-funded work up to that date  even if their EBA was inconsistent with the Code. 

However, that transition date for code-compliance has changed. Contractors who tender for Commonwealth-funded building work and have an EBA made before 2 December 2016, now have until 1 September 2017 to vary or replace their current EBA and have it assessed by the ABCC for compliance with the 2016 Building Code. 

EBAs made before 25 April 2014

EBAs made before 25 April 2014, which have not been varied in accordance with the Fair Work Act, will be regarded as compliant with the Code post the 1 September 2017 transition date.

More details can be found in this ABCC Factsheet and on the Master Builders website.

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