Master Builders Electoral College ballots

In order to finalise the election of Master Builders Electoral College (MBEC) and select Divisional Representative positions, a number of ballots are now required.

  • Master Builders Electoral College - general positions
  • Far North Queensland Divisional Representative.

For the remaining Divisions where no ballot was required, the single nominee has been declared. All elected nominees will be formally announced at the AGM on 15 October 2019.

Ballot papers on their way

If you are an eligible voting member, you will soon receive the relevant ballot papers in the post, which gives you the opportunity to have your say on who represents you.

Want your vote to count? Make sure you fill in the ballot paper/s correctly and return according to the instructions by 4pm, Tuesday, 24 September 2019.

Nominee Suitability Statements

A number of candidates have provided supporting documentation outlining their relevant qualifications and experience, as well as their reason for nominating and what they believe they will contribute as an elected representative.

View supporting documentation

Master Builders Electoral College ballot paper

A maximum of 36 general positions are available on the MBEC. On the ballot paper, place a tick next to a maximum of 36 candidates. You must choose a minimum of 11 representatives from Brisbane (based on constitutional requirements that Greater Brisbane make up a minimum of 25% of total MBEC).

The Returning Officer has advised that if a ballot paper has more than 36 ticks, it will be considered invalid (this ensures that voting is not distorted by a ballot paper which has greater voting power).

If a ballot paper has less than 36 ticks, the Returning Officer will accept it and assign the votes to those nominees accordingly.

When all ballot papers are counted and the number of votes noted, the Returning Officer will then sort the nominees by the greatest number of votes.

The 36 nominees with the most votes will then be reviewed as to:

  1. Identify those from the Greater Brisbane region – to determine if the rule of a minimum of 11 (25%) and maximum of 22 (50%) of Greater Brisbane nominees in the Electoral College has been satisfied.
  2. If there are between 11 and 22 from Greater Brisbane in the top 36 nominees, then the rule has been satisfied.
  3. If there are less than 11 from Greater Brisbane in the top 36 nominees, the Returning Officer will have to look at the Greater Brisbane nominees only. The Returning Officer will determine and declare the 11 nominees from Greater Brisbane who have the largest number of votes. The remaining 25 will then come from the nominees outside of Greater Brisbane with the largest number of votes.
Master Builders Divisional Representatives ballot papers

If you are eligible to vote in the Far North Queensland ballot, when you receive your ballot paper, please choose one candidate and return your ballot paper as per the instructions.

Returning ballot papers

You must complete the original ballot paper (you cannot photocopy it) and it must be returned in the reply paid envelope on or before 4pm, Tuesday, 24 September 2019. Ballots received after this date will not be counted in the final tally.

Missing ballot papers

If you are an eligible member wishing to vote and don't receive your ballot paper/s, please contact us. To ensure the integrity of the voting process, you will be required to sign a declaration confirming you did not receive your ballot papers before we can supply you with a replacement ballot paper. Ballot papers cannot be issued electronically.

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