Got a question about your eligibility or the nomination process? These FAQs should help. If not, email us.

Who can nominate for the MBEC and Divisional Representative positions?

All QBCC licensed builders and trade contractors are eligible to nominate.

Who can nominate for Board positions?

Only MBEC and Divisional Representatives are eligible to nominate for office bearing positions, which include the Board and Housing & Construction Sector Committee Chairs.

Who can nominate for Committee and subcommittee positions?

All current members are eligible to nominate for policy committees and subcommittees.

Who can nominate for Divisional and Branch Committees of Management positions?

All current members are eligible to nominate for the Committee of Management relevant to their registered Division or Branch.

My membership subscription is overdue, can I still nominate?

Unfortunately no. Membership subscriptions must be up-to-date in order to be eligible.

My membership category is not listed as a licensed builder or trade contractor, but I do have a licence, can I still nominate?

If you are looking to nominate for the MBEC or Divisional Representative positions, unfortunately no. To be eligible for these positions, your membership subscription must be as a licensed builder or trade contractor. You can speak with our Membership team to have this adjusted in order to nominate.

I am already a committee member, will I remain on the committee?

Not necessarily. As part of the Master Builders Constitution, all office bearing positions and committee positions must be elected every three years. Even as a current committee member, you’ll need to nominate for a position for the 2019-2022 period.

How much time do I need to commit?

You can give as much time and effort as required and will depend on the position you hold – however, as a minimum, you will need to commit to attending a number of meetings each year and getting involved in specific policy discussions as required.

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