Building Queensland

Builders are walking a tightrope. They need a safety net.

Queensland’s building industry is teetering, and we need action to ensure it doesn’t fall.

The stimulus measures introduced for the residential sector worked well, but they have created big problems for builders and consumers alike.

Through no fault of their own, our industry is facing cost hikes, trade shortages, and delays. It's causing a profitless boom for our industry. Something needs to give. Solutions need to be found.

Advocating for you

We’re currently working with the Queensland Government on some urgent solutions, which would allow builders to use extension of time provisions in contracts in genuine and reasonable circumstances, as well as an early dispute resolution process so they and consumers get a fair go.

We’ve welcomed the Morrison Government’s extension to the HomeBuilder construction commencement timeframe, giving builders more time to crack on with work won under the grant – but it’s not enough.

Once the short-term solutions are locked down, we need to turn our attention to the long game for both the residential and commercial sectors.

What we need is public spending and sensible regulation and solutions that support the industry through these unprecedented times.

What we don’t need are laws and regulations that add to the cost of building or tie the industry up in unnecessary red tape. Queensland depends on it.

The state government must maximise taxpayer funds when building schools, hospitals, and other facilities to service our growing communities. And we need a pipeline that provides visibility of these works.

Queenslanders shouldn't pay more than they should for these facilities. The current Best Practice Principles mean these projects are costing around 30 per cent more whether it’s a regional or metropolitan project. We don't think this adds up.

The state government recently indicated it will push for mandatory accessible housing standards in the 2022 National Construction Code. We support equitable housing, but we don’t think it’s fair to put home ownership further out of reach with additional costs.

It's this kind of red tape that we need to detangle, as well as Minimum Financial Requirements, Project Trust Accounts and the proposed developer licensing regime. This is vital to allowing the industry to get on with the job.

Building Queensland

So, what else are we doing about it?

We're flying the flag for Master Builders members in our latest advertising campaign. It's all about why homeowners should choose a Master Builder or tradie for their next home building or renovation project. It highlights the strength and trust that are synonymous with the Master Builders brand and taps into people's desires to lessen the stress of building or renovating their dream home.

There's never been a better time than now to reinforce for homeowners the qualities they can expect when using a Master Builder for their next job. While there will always be bumps in the road when building, the journey is a little bit smoother when you've got a Master Builder on your side.

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