Election 2020

If construction stops, Queensland stops. We need to keep Queensland construction moving.

No ordinary election

As the Queensland election looms, it's set to be one like we’ve never seen before.

The Queensland building and construction industry is experiencing an unprecedented environment of uncertainty. While this has definitely been exacerbated by COVID-19, the trend was already in play before the pandemic hit in March.

The residential sector has been boosted by stimulus measures such as the HomeBuilder grant; however, the commercial sector has been hanging on by its fingernails as building activity continues to drop further each month. The recent capital works announcement from the Queensland Government was most welcome, but more needs to be done.

Commencement numbers paint a pretty dire picture, with both sectors moving towards territory only last seen during the GFC – and the last true recession in the 1980s. The stimulus measures are fantastic and definitely doing their job, but they really are short-term solutions – there’s a lot to be done to support the industry, so that it can play the vital role expected of it.


Building and construction is one of Queensland’s largest employers and is a significant player in our economy, employing 230,000 locals and representing nearly one in five Queensland businesses. If the government is serious about us playing a leading role in Queensland’s post-COVID economic recovery, they must stop burdening us with unnecessary rules and regulations and let us get on with what we do best.

Ralf Dutton


Master Builders 2020 Election campaign is authorised by G. Galvin, Master Builders, Brisbane.

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