Our election message is clear: make your voice heard by voting for a candidate who backs construction.

In the current environment of uncertainty, we believe now is the time to stand up for our industry and be clear on our message for all sides of politics. If the government is serious about building and construction supporting Queensland during the post-COVID economic recovery, they need to stop burdening us with unnecessary rules and regulations and let us get on with what we do best.

While we know the detail of our policy priorities can get intense, our campaign message is going to be simple. We need a government who understands us, but more importantly, knows why it’s vital they support us by driving construction activity, scrapping impractical processes and regulations that tie us up unnecessarily, and introducing fair and balanced regulation.

For voters, we’ll be urging them to make sure their party or candidate of choice clearly understands the importance of the industry and the policy changes that are needed to keep us running.

Stand up and be counted!

To really make a difference, we need you to get active and get involved. For our campaign to be successful, we need you to be our ‘voice on the ground’ and help us to lobby for the issues that matter most to you, in your area.

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