What needs to change

In recent years, we’ve seen waves of new legislation that tie the industry up in red tape and add significant extra costs, without genuinely solving the problems they were designed to fix. More and more we are hearing from builders and tradies about their frustration with the government’s big stick approach to reform. It only serves to beat the industry down and penalise the majority doing the right thing, rather than punishing just the minority who don’t.

We need to drive construction activity with more government stimulus measures that soften the impact of the general downturn and COVID-19 and provide opportunities around the state beyond 2020.

However, we also need a government who understands why just creating construction work and jobs isn’t enough. They also need to scrap impractical processes and overbearing regulations that don’t provide meaningful solutions.

A shake up of the QBCC is essential to ensure the regulator wields their powers fairly and consistently and that they target those who operate outside the rules, but don’t stand in the way of businesses doing the right thing.

The government’s myriad of procurement policies add a layer of unrealistic and unnecessary bureaucracy that only add unreasonable cost to new construction, without improving outcomes.

There is also no evidence that security of payment has been improved with recent reforms – the government appointed Implementation and Evaluation Panel’s report confirmed this. These reforms have simply added costs for principals, builders and subbies without adding any extra guarantee of being paid in full, on time, every time.

Safeguarding building quality is also essential if we want to maintain consumer confidence in our sector.

Finally, we want to ensure a positive safety culture within the industry is achieved. Having a balanced approach to safety means there is no scope for the misuse of WHS laws for industrial relations agendas.


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