First Home Owners' Boost

When you champion building & construction, everyone gets a helping hand.
Bring back the $5,000 First Home Owners’ Boost to regional Queensland.

On 30 June 2018, the $5,000 First Home Owners’ Boost (the Boost) ended and now that it’s gone, its loss is being felt.

The Boost was great for Queensland and was a vital tool for first home buyers to get a foot in the door of the housing market. Many regional Master Builders say the Boost was an essential part of their business model.

It’s well known that building new homes builds communities, creates jobs and delivers economic growth where it’s needed most.

And with a massive mining royalties windfall now expected, we’re proposing that the Queensland Government and the Treasurer bring back the Boost to regional Queensland as part of a package of measures that will support our regions.

These measures will encourage spending and economic activity, particularly for the building and construction industry.

By bringing back the Boost to regional Queensland, the Treasurer can once again give first home buyers further assistance to enter the housing market and act as a pre-emptive measure to ensure building activity in regional Queensland doesn’t suffer because the Boost has ended.

Our recent submission to the Queensland Treasurer provides evidence supporting the re-introduction of the Boost, with a 48 per cent increase in the number of grants paid in regional Queensland while the additional Boost was available, compared with the two years before the Boost.

Regional Queensland building activity levels and unemployment figures also support the need for assistance measures for regional Queensland.

That’s why we’re urging the Queensland Government and the Treasurer to reinvest the mining royalties’ windfall back into regional areas and particularly champion building and construction, so that the benefits can be felt throughout the community.

So please, bring back the boost – and give a helping hand to those doing it tough in regional Queensland.

What can you do to help?

Are you a passionate advocate for bringing back the Boost? We’ve developed some resources for you to use to generate support in your local area, including a letter template that you can use to contact your local MP.

The Queensland Government is deciding NOW how they will spend this windfall. Every little bit counts so start making some noise and get in touch with your local MPs today!

Download the letter and support us now!

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