Shake up the QBCC

The QBCC must wield their sweeping powers fairly and consistently. They should hold those who operate outside the rules to account; but not stand in the way of those running their businesses properly and according to the rules.

  • Improve QBCC Board conduct and processes by bringing in more industry experience.
  • Introduce an industry-wide mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme, including a New Builder Program to raise the bar for new residential builders.
  • Amend the Minimum Financial Requirements to reduce the reporting burden on the SC1 and SC2 categories; and to ensure that cancelling contractors’ licences is a last resort.
  • Take direct action against subcontractors for defective building work.
  • Give builders the opportunity to rectify a defect if the internal review reverses the first decision not to issue a direction.
  • Bring back ‘requests to rectify’.

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