Ampol and Caltex

The deal

Master Builders' exclusive deal with Ampol and Caltex saves members more than 50 per cent off the monthly fee on AmpolCards and Caltex Star Cards and 4.5 cents per litre off the pump price for unleaded petrol 91 and E10, Vortex 95 & 98 and Diesel, at Ampol and Caltex outlets.

Why use it

The Ampol brand is phasing out their use of the Caltex and StarCard brands.

Ampol is Australia's leading transport fuel supplier and convenience retailer and the only integrated oil refining and marketing company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

Their business value chain incorporates operational excellence throughout supply, refining, logistics and marketing.

The benefits of using an AmpolCard or Caltex StarCard are clear:

  • Cut through the paperwork with a single, easy to read, ATO approved monthly invoice
  • Save at the pump
  • No account keeping or transaction fees
  • Get your fuel from over 2,000 participating fuel outlets Australia-wide (can be used at Caltex, Ampol or Woolworths outlets)
  • Increase control by deciding on the types of purchases allowed on each card
  • Track vehicle spending and maintenance online
  • Maximise security with a PIN and odometer reading for every card
  • Access to a dedicated Customer Support Centre for lost and stolen cards
  • Option for roadside assistance to enhance fleet reliability
  • Boost cash flow with direct debit payment and 51 days interest-free credit
  • Starting at just $1.92 per card per month.

Whether you have two vehicles or 200, there's an AmpolCard or StarCard to suit your needs.

How to get it

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