The deal

As a member of Master Builders Queensland, BMW Group Australia is pleased to extend you the many rewards of BMW Advantage, entitling you to exclusive benefits with the purchase of a new BMW.

All members are eligible to receive Gold member benefits, which represent significant value. Eligible vehicles may be purchased via your fleet or novated provider, or privately.

Your spouse is also entitled to enjoy all the benefits of BMW Advantage when they purchase a new BMW, making it even more appealing.

Why use it

Gold member benefits include:

  • Complimentary BMW Service inclusive for three years/ 60,000km or five years/ 80,000km*
  • Reduced dealer delivery charges of $1,850 or $1,500 excluding taxes
  • BMW Corporate benefits extended to your spouse
  • Reduced rate on a BMW Driving Experience course
  • and more.

All new BMW models include a three year/unlimited kilometres warranty and three years roadside assistance as standard.

In addition, if 50 BMW models or more are registered during the calendar year by your fellow members, all vehicles will be upgraded to BMW Advantage Platinum status and will enjoy complimentary BMW Service Inclusive for five years/80,000km.

* see terms and conditions on the BMW website for full details.

How to get it

Can’t see the discount details? Please login to the website to access this information, or contact us to find out more about becoming a member.

Need more info about the deal?

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The above discounts and benefits are subject to the provider’s terms and conditions and eligibility requirements. Master Builders does not provide any guarantee that a member will be eligible for a particular discount or benefit. All queries regarding eligibility must be directed to the provider noted above as applicable.

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