The deal

Master Builders has partnered with Interscale to bring members and their staff a great deal on CAD (Computer Aided Drafting/Design) hardware/software to streamline collaboration, and improve estimation, quoting and workflows.

Starting from $125/month, ex GST, this offer includes a ruggedised tablet/laptop and Bluebeam Revu software that can be used both in the office or on typical construction sites. Software training for businesses not familiar with the product is also included.

Present your Master Builder membership card to receive 15% of RRP.

Why use it

  • Collaboration: Within the design office, between builders, architects and subcontractors. Allows near real-time mark-up of construction design drawings reducing delays and improving turnaround time.
  • Accuracy on quotations: Accurate quantity and measurements taken directly from architectural design drawings saves time, reduces waste and ensures accurate construction quotes. This means more competitive quotes, builders win more business, fewer errors that have to be fixed at the builder’s cost and therefore improve cash flow.
  • No more printing: Because mark-up of documents is done online, even small companies (under 20 people) see savings on large scale printing of up to $50,000 per annum – Customer Success stories available from Bluebeam confirm this.
  • CAD Software savings: Many companies often use Autodesk licenses for ‘read-only’ access to drawings. Bluebeam negates the need for this and reduces costs as Autodesk licenses are often two or three times more expensive.
  • Single Point of Truth: Cloud-based real-time data means that collaboration between designers, drafters, schedulers, estimators, site managers and onsite trades. Reduced scope for error and cost overruns.
  • Improve workflow: With digital sign-off and workflow notifications, no more waiting on paper copies of documents to be signed and returned. No more ‘lost in the mail’ errors.

How to get it

To get more information or to organise a demo, please ring Interscale on 1300 205 999 and ask to speak to Marcus or Handy, or email

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