Builder education plan gets Ministerial tick of approval

4 September 2019

Master Builders proposed plan to ‘Raise the bar’ and improve education and knowledge in emerging Queensland builders was given the nod by Minister Mick de Brenni and his Ministerial Construction Council (MCC) yesterday.

Long having concerns and armed with anecdotal evidence that suggests that newly licensed builders often aren’t provided with the necessary skills and support network to set up successful building businesses, Master Builders recently put forward a proposal that supports new builders to put in place the right business systems that will help them do just that.

Master Builders CEO Grant Galvin said the proposal centres around helping emerging builders to profitably price work, ensure on time payment, track finances, meet the range of ever-changing compliance obligations, and resolve the disputes that will inevitably arise.

“We’re recommending that newly licensed house builders in the Self Certification 2 category be required to successfully complete a New Builder Program within two years of gaining their Builder Low Rise Licence, and prior to advancing to financial category 1.”

Preliminary discussions with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) indicate that the largest number of building business failures fall within this category.

“So it makes sense to focus attention on this group and provide practical business systems, processes and skills that can be really embedded within their business early on and genuinely make a difference to outcomes in the industry,” Mr Galvin added.

“We were delighted to hear that Minister de Brenni and the MCC members saw merit in our proposal and have agreed to establish a subcommittee to progress an education program.

“However, what we must do now is ensure Queensland remains at the forefront of building legislation in this country,” Mr Galvin said.

“The MCC acknowledged yesterday that Queensland has one of the most robust building regulation frameworks in the country and while there is always room for improvement, we shouldn’t be waiting for a national approach to this problem.

“While the issues we face in Queensland are on a much lesser scale than other states, mainly due to things like the robust licensing regime we have in place, we still have a way to go to ensuring the next wave of builders are ready to take over the reins and take our industry into the future.

“We’re looking forward to working closely with the subcommittee on how best to implement the education program, ensuring that a suitable funding model can be established to ensure builders are not slugged with the cost to administer the program.

“With increased business success for builders there comes clear benefits for the wider community as well – and improved consumer confidence and outcomes and improved security of payment across the delivery chain are definitely our end goals.”

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