Industry forced to close its books to new home buyers as HomeBuilder deadline looms large

24 November 2020

BUILDERS are being forced to turn away potential new home buyers clamouring to take advantage of HomeBuilder, with D-Day for the $25,000 grant fast approaching.

With the 31 December 2020 deadline just over five weeks away, many builders are already making the tough decision to close off their books to new contracts, amid fears they can’t guarantee they’ll be able to start work within the required three months from the signing date.

Federal government data shows that Queenslanders have lodged almost a quarter of HomeBuilder applications in the nation, second only to Victoria.

With calls for both the grant and the construction commencement timeframe to be extended going unanswered thus far in Queensland, Master Builders Deputy CEO Paul Bidwell said he’s concerned consumers are going to miss out.

“It’s a real possibility if you haven’t signed a contract already, you may be too late,” Mr Bidwell said.

“To make the most of existing demand, the federal government must extend the three-month construction commencement timeframe out to six months.

“This will ensure that issues like land and trade shortages can be accommodated, without home buyers missing out.”

Mr Bidwell also strongly recommended a second round of HomeBuilder be secured for 2021.

“At this stage, the industry has a strong pipeline of work until mid-way through 2021 — but once the HomeBuilder-related contracts wrap up, it’s in danger of grinding to a screeching halt, stopping our industry from leading the post-COVID economic recovery as it is poised to do.

“With Christmas around the corner and many businesses winding down for the year, our message is clear. If you are a home buyer and want to get the grant – act now.”


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