Use local and support a struggling building industry

14 February 2019

NORTH QUEENSLAND building approvals are amongst the worst in the state and highlight the need for insurers to use local contractors when rebuilding after the recent flood disaster.

According to Master Builders North Queensland Regional Manager, Melissa Coulter, figures are grim for the region and a 39 per cent drop in approvals in the last 12 months means building contractors are crying out for work.

“We’re calling on all insurers to make a conscious decision to use local contractors as a first priority when conducting repair and rebuilding work in North Queensland,” Ms Coulter said.

“Contractors who work in the area have important local knowledge, but more importantly, awarding the work to locals ensures the entire community benefits.

“The long-term benefits of using local resources are undeniable and in the face of the current outlook for the building industry, would be very welcome. In the face of such an unprecedented disaster, we want to ensure the North Queensland building industry is kept busy with flood repair work.

“While it’s important that consumers follow their insurance companies' prescribed process, we’re urging home owners to push to their insurer to allow them to use a local contractor for work required.”

Top tips for home owners

  1. Electrical safety must always come first.
  2. Ensure your contractor is licensed to perform the work you need done. Use the QBCC website to check licences or find contractors, or search for a Master Builder at
  3. Check in with your insurance company regarding their correct processes and ask your insurer to use local building contractors.
  4. Ensure you have the right contracts in place and be wary of contractors who request payment upfront.

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