Casual conversion, what's changed?

19 December 2018

A RECENT decision of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) has extended the right for regular and systematic casual employees to request to convert to full-time or part-time employment across a range of industries.

Whilst many Modern Awards with application in our industry, have always had this right, the recent decision has sought to capture a number of other classifications, including clerical, landscaping and pest industry workers.

Following the introduction of these changes, all employers with workers captured by the new provisions are required to provide a copy of the conversion clause to existing workers by 1 January 2019 and to new workers (commenced after 1 October 2018) within their first 12 months of employment.

An employer may refuse a request to convert to permanent employment provided any such refusal is reasonable and based on facts which are known or reasonably foreseeable

For more information on your obligations to casual employees or to obtain a copy of the conversion clause that applies to your workers, contact a member of our workplace relations team on (07) 3225 6407 or

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