It pays to care about quality and safety

7 October 2020

As a leader in the industry, you’ve dedicated your life to making sure your workers get home safely at the end of each day. But it’s not an easy feat.

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When teams are up against deadlines, there’s pressure to cut corners that can diminish the quality of their work and more importantly, put their lives at risk. But you’re doing everything you can to prevent this. On your jobsite, quality and safety are more than just compliance standards; they are embodied in your culture and reflected in your efficiency, quality, experience rating score and accident-free jobsites.

From site diaries to defect lists, quality and safety begins and ends with the workflows and processes in place on your jobsite.

With digestible insights, instantaneous communication, and a comprehensive quality and safety tool, you can make sure jobs are built to quality standards, budgets and deadlines are met and jobsites are safe. Whether this is your first time shopping for quality and safety software or you’re upgrading from a legacy solution, this ebook will provide you with a basic framework for evaluating and comparing the various tech solutions you will come across in your research.

This includes:

  • Tips on how to identify your needs
  • Functionality aspects to assess
  • Specific tools and features to look for
  • How to evaluate the software company.


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