New Mechanical Services Licencing system

6 December 2019

From Wednesday, 1 January 2020 a new Mechanical Services Licencing system will take effect. These changes will impact both employers (contractors) and employees. Mechanical Services work will effectively become $0 meaning there is no amount of work that can be done without a licence.

Please note, the following work is not classified as Mechanical Services Work:

  • Installing a single head split system
  • Installing ductwork and enclosures for air-conditioning, air handling and mechanical ventilation systems (there is an existing QBCC licence for this work)
  • Mechanical Services work on Class 1A (detached dwelling) or class 10 (sheds, garages) buildings
  • Mechanical Services work on buildings located on certain land (e.g. farms, mines etc)
New Licence Class: Mechanical Services – Medical Gas

A new licencing system has been approved for the installation, commissioning, inspection, testing and maintenance of medical gas systems.

On 1 July 2020, builders with medical facility projects onfoot will be required to check sub-contractors hold the new Mechanical Services – Medical Gas Contractors Licence.

Employees & site supervisors undertaking medical gas work will have until the 31December 2021 to obtain their new occupational licences.

Mechanical Services – Refrigeration, air-conditioning & plumbing licences

There are now two streams of mechanical services work; refrigerant gas and water.

There is an existing licencing system for refrigerant gas based mechanical services, with all contractors being automatically upgraded to the new licence class through their licence renewal. However, employees will now require an occupational licence. Employees have until 31 December 2021 to obtain their occupational licence.

There is a new licence system for water based mechanical services. On 2 April 2020, builders with projects onfoot utilising water based mechanical services will be required check sub-contractors hold the new Mechanical Services Plumbing Contractors Licence.

Employees and site supervisors undertaking water based mechanical services work have until 31 December 2021 to obtain their occupational licences.

Please note: these new licences are not substituting for existing Electrical Safety Office, Refrigeration Council or Plumbing Licences, the new licences are additional to the existing requirements.

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