Starting a new employee?

5 December 2018

AFTER you’ve found the right person, it’s important to make sure they start on the right track.

You may go through a variety of new employee ‘rituals’. Formalising these rituals into a consistent process is proven to decrease turnover, increase productivity, and result in better-quality learning outcomes and improved employee morale.


To make your life easier, it’s a good idea to introduce a new starter pack that is provided to all new employees with their employment contract.

Your new starter pack may include:

  • Employee details form (to capture bank details and personal information)
  • QLeave registration form (for workers involved in building and construction work)
  • Superannuation choice form
  • Tax file declaration
  • A copy of relevant policies and procedures
  • Position description.

In addition, all employees upon commencement must be provided with a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement as required by the Fair Work Act 2009. You can get a copy of the current Fair Work Information Statement from Master Builder’s workplace relations team, or by visiting


The first couple of weeks of an employee’s journey with your business will be filled with information, questions and learning.

Often companies will ensure the new employee has a formal induction or welcome program with their manager. Depending on the type of role, you may want to introduce an extended induction program over the first two to three months of their employment. Why? It will allow you to stagger the employee’s learning as they begin to feel more comfortable, and allow for the sharing of company knowledge across a range of departments. A program like this will allow the employee to more easily identify how their contributions impact on the company’s overall success of its goals and objectives.

An induction program of any size should feature basic information, including:

  • Company structure and organisational chart
  • Emergency evacuation procedures
  • Safety induction/site safety induction
  • Key personnel identification (e.g. first aid officer, EEO Officer)
  • Overview of policies/procedures sent out in new starter pack – ensure the employee has the opportunity to ask questions
  • Sources of information (e.g. intranet, payroll/leave/timesheet processes)
  • Upcoming company events (e.g. Christmas parties).

Use a checklist

The first day an employee starts can be daunting for both the employee and their manager. By developing a checklist that provides structure to your induction program you can avoid overlooking things that may be important, but get lost in the moment.

Your checklist may include:

  • Tasks required to be completed pre-employment
  • Return of documents and who to return them to
  • Payroll processing
  • First day activities
  • Ongoing activities during the first couple of months of employment.

Need more?

Master Builders has developed a HR Toolkit for members to purchase through our eshop.  At just $99, it’s an affordable and easy-to-use set of resources that will assist you through the various stages of the HR and employment lifecycle. It includes a complete suite of human resources templates for you to customise with your company logo, and has been designed specifically for payroll staff, supervisors and managers.

Supplied electronically on a USB, you’re supported with 12 months of free document upgrades from the date of purchase, in the event of legislative updates.

For more information on starting a new employee, or the HR Toolkit, contact our workplace relations team on (07) 3225 6407 or

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