Contractors need to be able to select ‘fit for purpose’ products with ease and confidence. This means better controls are needed to remove non-conforming products at the point-of-sale.

We’re working with other industry stakeholders and government to make this happen.

One of the steps that we can all take now is to demand better product information. We're doing our bit to advance the use of Product Technical Statements.

Reforming the system

It is also important to change the ‘rules of the game’ and back in 2015 we were one of the first to take action, hosting a Queensland Roundtable of industry and government representatives.

We decided more needed to be done to remove non-conforming products at the point-of-sale and to proactively identify and remove the ones that slip through.

For industry this would mean a system consisting of:

  1. A third party product certification system that’s robust, transparent, easy to navigate, covers all product types and extends to auditing, surveillance and enforcement.
  2. A strong enforcement regime so products that don’t meet Australian regulatory requirements are quickly removed from sale and/or can be effectively located and recalled.

We made a submission to the Senate on how this could be achieved – have a read.

We also provided input to the amendments to the QBCC Act to address non-conforming products, which were passed in August 2017.

Come across a non-conforming product?

Let us know about it via email or by calling (07) 3225 6419. You can also report a suspected non-conforming product to the Queensland government’s Building and Construction Product Committee via email.

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