Enrolment information

There's a lot of important information you need when considering a VET student loan.

Census and other important dates are outlined below, while our VET Enrolment Information Pack outlines additional information, including enquiries, enrolments, entry requirements, complaints and grievances, withdrawals, cancellations or re-enrolments, re-credits and how we handle your personal information.

Census dates

Census days are very important dates for you to know about. The census dates for the courses below are the last day you can:

  • Complete the eCAF to apply for a VET Student Loan for your course, or
  • Withdraw your enrolment without incurring a debt for the course.

You’ll receive an invoice before each census day so that you have all the information you need to make your study and payment decisions.

Information sessions

Master Builders holds regular information sessions on a variety of topics to enable potential students to make informed decisions about enrolling in a Master Builders course.

Please refer to each course page for relating information sessions and census dates.

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