Budding Master Builder challenge

Have you got a budding Master Builder at home with time on their hands? Here's a building challenge for them.

Their task? Build their very own Lego house and enter our building competition.

Using our plans or their very own building design and some creativity and imagination, they can bring the project to life with Lego or another building material.

Send us a photo of their entry and we'll give them a shout out on social media.

Two winning entries will win a $50 Kmart voucher*.

Instructions for the budding Master Builders
  1. Print the plans or draw your own house design.
  2. Grab your favourite building materials (Lego, Duplo or whatever you like to build with).
  3. Get building! The colour scheme, building materials and features are completely up to you.
  4. Once you’re finished, you can enter your home into our building competition! Ask your mum, dad or carer to help share your building creation with us by following the instructions below.
Instructions for the big kids (parents)
  1. Send a photo of your budding builder’s entry to awards@mbqld.com.au. Provide us with their first name, member company name (a parent, carer or immediate family member must be or work for a Master Builders member). Provide an explanation of what the trickiest part of the project build was, and why your young builder loves building.
  2. We’ll post photos of entries to Master Builders social media accounts with a shout out to the budding Master Builder, member company, an interesting fact or feature about their entry, and a comment from one of our official judges.

NOTE: While it’s tempting to include your budding Master Builder in the photo, please just photograph the entry/creation. We won’t use or post photos with visible/identifiable children.

The two entries judged to be the most creative execution will receive a $50 Kmart voucher*.

Entries close: Friday, 12 June 2020.

* Terms & conditions apply.

Download the instructions & plans

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