Category type

Entry fee

Trade Contractor of the Year (Residential & Commercial)


Specialty Awards (Best Residential Bathroom, Best Residential Kitchen and Best Residential Swimming Pool)






Individual Awards (Rising Star, Women in Building and Apprentice of the Year)


Note: Entry fees include GST, but do not include tickets to Housing & Construction Awards presentation ceremonies.

ALL SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS must be submitted to Master Builders on or before the closing date to qualify for the Awards.

One project/house can be entered into multiple categories, however this will incur additional entry fees.

If nominated, each house will be eligible for the Specialty Awards. If these categories are nominated in conjunction with a Housing category, they will become a free entry. Specialty Awards are nominated as a free category if the entirety of the specialty is included in the contract price, and the entire project/house has been nominated for a standard award (this excludes any houses entered in either of the free Housing categories).

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