COVID-19 rules and restrictions mean the judging process in 2020 will look a little different. If you have entered, watch out for communication from us regarding how the judging process will work.

Entering your project

Once you’ve entered your project, we’ll let you know the next steps in the process. Each entry is assessed against the judging criteria by a panel of independent judges.

Here's a brief overview of the judging process:
  1. Entry submitted through the online awards entry system.
  2. Judging process - due to current COVID-19 restrictions, there will be no site visit judging undertaken. All entries will be judged on both photo/written submissions – our independent judges will inspect and judge your entry according to the judging criteria (available in detail in our online awards entry system).
  3. Deliberation – the regional judges will deliberate and choose a winner for each category.
  4. Regional winners announcedregional winners are announced at each regional award ceremony.
  5. State judging – the state judges will deliberate and choose a state winner for each category.
  6. State winners announced – state winners are announced at the Queensland Housing & Construction Awards.
  7. National judging – not all categories go through to the National Excellence in Building and Construction Awards. All eligible Queensland winners will be chosen to compete at a national level. Immediately after the Queensland Awards, entrants will be notified if they have been chosen to go through to the National Awards. Please note: Some awards may not be eligible for a National Award. Please confirm your category’s eligibility after the Queensland Awards.
  8. National winners announced – national winners are announced at the National Excellence in Building and Construction Awards.

Various categories require a written submission and will be judged solely on the submission provided, not in person by the judging panel. You will be prompted to provide a written submission for these categories in our online awards entry system. You only need to include a written submission if explicitly stated.


The name printed on the award/trophy will be the licensee name and, if applicable, one recorded trading name as per the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) public register.

Where there is more than one recorded trading name, Master Builders will contact the entrant for clarification. The project/house title will also be included on the trophy.

Additional trophies may be ordered after the award ceremony; however, name or wording changes cannot be made, except in the case where an error has been made to the entrant’s name or project.

Please contact Master Builders for additional trophy orders.

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