Master Builders membership is the key to your success in the building and
construction industry. We can help you wherever you’re working.

Master Builders members aren’t always builders. Subcontractors, manufacturers, suppliers, consultants, students and apprentices also choose us to be on their team.

Founded in 1882, Master Builders is the home of building. Master Builders and its members adhere to a Code of Conduct.

The building and construction industry is complex and ever-changing. There’s so much information and choice; so many similar products and services; so many organisations, associations and unions.

Whether you’re a member or a consumer, Master Builders is the voice you can trust when it comes to residential and commercial building advice. That's why people join us.

With over 9,800 members, and nine offices throughout Queensland, our regional footprint is unmatched by any other industry organisation. Our members always have someone to talk to, when they need guidance and support.

Our broad array of member benefits give you the competitive edge. Promote your business through your association with the trusted Master Builders brand. Membership maximises your exposure to a wide range of industry professionals, home builders and home renovators.


Receive advice and support

As a member, you’ll receive unlimited professional advice and support at no extra cost.

Stay up-to-date

With regular updates on changes to laws, codes and regulations, Master Builders keeps members informed.

Shape government policy

With a strong membership base, we're a major force within the industry and in a strong position to influence outcomes.

Save time and money

Master Builders members save money through a range of member discounts and special deals.

Maximise your opportunities

Master Builders offers members a variety of opportunities to promote their business and maximise exposure.

Find strength in association

As a member, you can use Master Builders' logo on your promotional material to strengthen your own brand.

How much does it cost?

Master Builders membership fees for Builders and Trade Contractors are based on a sliding scale, and are a set fee for Associates of the industry and others.

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