New Mechanical Services Licencing system

From Wednesday, 1 January 2020 a new Mechanical Services Licencing system will take effect. These changes will impact both employers (contractors) and employees. Mechanical Services work will effectively become $0.

6 December 2019

Response to BIF changes

The state government’s response to the review of the Building Industry Fairness legislation is finally in. It clears the way for a number of major changes to the PBA regime, many of which will be warmly welcomed by builders – the 41 who have been dealing with PBAs during 2018 and 2019, as well as those who are looking down the barrel of having to deal with them in 2020 and beyond (as subsequent phases are introduced).

29 November 2019

Apprentice back pay owing

An important message for incorporated employers which existed prior to 27 March 2006, and who employed an apprentice any time since 1 January 2014.

29 October 2019

Additional annual reporting for Category 4-7 contractors

The QBCC recently communicated with all Category 4 – 7 licence holders requesting an additional annual financial report.

29 October 2019

Getting On The Front Foot About Mental Health

A proactive approach to good mental health is crucial for the construction industry, which sees a disproportionate number of its workforce affected by mental health issues.

15 October 2019

Annual reporting for MFRs: Are you on track?

With three months until the 31 December 2019 deadline, it’s imperative to prepare your business right now.

1 October 2019

NCC 2019 Amendment 1: public comment invited

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) is considering an out-of-cycle amendment to the 2019 National Construction Code (NCC).

24 September 2019

Silica management code to start in October

From next month, the management of silica dust in Queensland will be specified in a newly finalised Code of Practice.

20 September 2019

Queensland buildings more than they are cracked up to be

Anyone who watched Four Corners on Monday, 19 August could be forgiven for thinking that the majority of Australian residential apartments constructed in recent years are riddled with defects, covered in combustible cladding and leaking like a sieve.

27 August 2019

Changes to Certifiers’ PI Insurance coverage

Following the government’s announcement in July, the Regulation has now been changed to allow building certifiers to have an exclusion on their professional insurance (PI) indemnity policy up until June 2021.

15 August 2019

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