Policy & advocacy

Master Builders is committed to representing the interests of members and the broader building and construction industry in Queensland.

We have the ear of government and other key decision-makers. We're in a strong position to influence decisions and lobby for or against issues that affect our members, with:

  • One of the largest membership bases in Queensland
  • Well-established networks
  • Strong staff representation on a broad range of industry bodies
  • Comprehensive research and assessment of industry issues.

Our policy platform identifies many critical areas of reform, and we produce regular policy submissions and commentary on issues that affect the industry.

We also produce several building industry reports and release regular media statements that receive consistent media coverage.

Our aims

Improve affordability and quality

Builders need to be supported in their take up of new, cost-effective materials and methodologies and have access to robust, well-crafted project documentation to improve the affordability and quality of new construction.

Better manage risk

Building contractors need the confidence to manage construction risk efficiently and assurance that the regulatory environment is fair, predictable and enforced.

Build a resilient workforce

A rapidly evolving market requires a diverse, innovative and resilient workforce – ready to adapt and innovate. The training system must be practical and relevant to the needs of today’s employers and provide a career pathway with transferable skills and core qualifications.

Stimulate broad-based demand

While government funding remains constrained, innovative infrastructure funding models are needed to unlock new investment and unique opportunity.

Ensure fair and productive workplaces

We need to work together in transparent and collaborative workplaces to meet our goals. Our workplaces need to encourage genuine enterprise bargaining and modern awards that are balanced and reflect market conditions.

Promote workplace health and safety

Across all levels of our industry, we must work together to ensure that everyone can work safely and return unharmed to their loved ones every day.

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