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Queensland industry calls for decision as clock ticks down to engineered stone ban

With just eleven weeks to go until engineered stone is banned across Australia, the Queensland building and construction industry remains in the dark on how it will roll out in our state.

19 April 2024

Industry needs tools to convert booming apartment approvals into homes for Queenslanders

The number of new units being approved across Queensland is continuing to climb, making it vital the industry gets the support needed to convert the numbers into bricks and mortar.

8 March 2024

Small gains in building approvals not enough to win the race

A December uptick in approvals for multi-unit dwellings led a jump in Queensland’s building approvals – but the state is still moving at a snail’s pace towards the national five-year target.

15 February 2024

Building and construction industry sets the agenda to keep pace with unprecedented times

Less than a month in, 2024 is shaping up to be another challenging year for the building and construction industry.

24 January 2024

Housing approvals still falling short – building industry calls for government to remove roadblocks

Building approvals for new dwellings in Queensland have continued on an overall downward slide, prompting renewed calls for the state government to back the growth and productivity of the industry.

19 January 2024

New state leadership has the opportunity to knock down blocks to building

The appointment of Steven Miles as Premier of Queensland is an opportunity for the state government to reexamine legislation hampering the building and construction industry.

15 December 2023

Industry calls for action as housing supply heads in the wrong direction

Building approvals for new dwellings have continued on a downward trajectory across Queensland, leaving the state well short of the number of homes needed to address booming demand.

12 December 2023

Queensland builders enjoy view from the top at national awards

The Sunshine State dominated at the Master Builders National Excellence in Building & Construction Awards 2023.

7 December 2023

Modern family homes at new display village in Flagstone

A new display village, designed for growing families has opened in Flagstone.

16 November 2023

Queensland building approvals down as construction times blow out

The latest dwelling approvals show new home construction is falling well short of the homes needed to meet Queensland’s housing needs.

14 November 2023

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