If you work in the building industry, you’ll probably need a licence. The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) is the industry’s licensing regulator and they are in charge of issuing and regulating building and construction licence holders in Queensland.

The requirements can be complex. Not only do you need to know when you need a licence, you also need to be across the various licence classes and the kind of work you can perform for each one.

Master Builders can help!

Whether you have a question about maintaining your existing building industry licence or you are keen to apply for a new licence, we are here to help members. We can guide you on when you need a licence and the right class, depending on the kind of work you perform. We can guide you through the application process and once you are an established licence holder, advise you on the requirements you need to meet to maintain your licence currency, including the Minimum Financial Requirements.

Applying for a QBCC licence

If you want to carry out or supervise building work over the value of $3,300 (including labour, materials and GST) in Queensland, you need a QBCC licence. However, there are some instances, where regardless of the value of the building work, i.e. $0, that require a licence too.

Applying for a (QBCC) licence doesn’t have to be confusing or time consuming. Master Builders can provide members with guidance throughout the entire application process, including help with skills assessment and recognition of prior learning.

We can guide you in the QBCC application forms process, help determine if you have the right qualifications and if not, point you in the direction of our range of licensing courses.

If you would like to explore applying for a builder’s licence, we can help outline the experience requirements and the evidence you’ll need.

Master Builders offers a range of training courses for builders to bring together all the pieces of the puzzle you need to apply for a builder’s licence.


Maintaining your licence

As a QBCC licence holder, you’ll need to perform certain activities and submit reports to keep your licence current and up-to-date, including keeping up-to-date with technical and legislative requirements and complying with the Minimum Financial Requirements (MFRs).

Minimum Financial Requirements (MFRs)

In addition to the annual reporting requirements to keep your licence current, you’ll need to meet the MFRs, which are designed to help ensure licence holders have a strong and financially sustainable business.

We can help you understand the financial requirements to maintain your licence, including annual reporting requirements, the MFR report and how and when you need to apply to change your category.

Licensing courses

We deliver a range of courses that lead to a licence through various regulators, such as the Queensland Building & Construction Commission (QBCC) and Workplace Health & Safety Queensland.

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