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Master Builder is the official magazine of Master Builders Queensland.

Master Builder is the leading industry publication voice on issues, topics and news for the building and construction industry.

The magazine is a trusted medium, acknowledged for its in-depth content and the wide diversity of industry-related topics. Written from a Queensland viewpoint, meaning our members get timely, reliable advice and information on the issues that affect them most.

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Cover Story: Built to rise above

Celebrate our 2021 Housing & Construction Award winners in this feature, and see how our members scrubbed up for their region's event in our Socials and From the Booth.


Shouting out loud

Their brightly-coloured, patterned work gear is anything but quiet. For the TradeMutt team, that's the whole point.


Collective care

Find out how Dr John Barletta and the Dixon Homes team are finding ways to lighten the mental load. Plus, make a date with a mate, school up on scaffolding code, get the tools to prevent pain, and beat cyber crims at their own game.


Digital trade licences - the next steps

We asked our members to share their thoughts on the idea of building and trade licences going digital. The results are in - find out what's next.


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