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Master Builders is committed to representing the interests of members and the broader building and construction industry in Queensland.

In 2022, our advocacy and lobbying efforts will be centred on ensuring the construction industry is well-placed to weather what is going to be another turbulent year, as well as making some changes that will see the industry positioned to continue Queensland’s economic recovery and make it a better place to work for industry participants.

Once again, we’ve got some key issues of focus for 2022.

Certainty for industry

The construction industry is heading into 2022 expecting another turbulent year. Open borders will bring both challenges and opportunities. In 2022 Master Builders will work to ‘steady the ship’ and see that there is some certainty in the environment in which construction projects are delivered.

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  1. Continue to keep the industry working to a clear set of rules as COVID-19 cases rise and have a clear plan for dealing with COVID-19 outbreaks.
  2. Amend workers compensation legislation so that COVID-19 claims do not impact WorkCover premiums.
  3. Provide a Queensland Forward Procurement Pipeline for accurate and timely information on the government’s program of building work, in particular infrastructure to be  delivered as part of the Olympic preparations.
  4. Replace the Best Practice Principles, Ethical Supplier Mandate and Ethical Supplier Threshold in the government’s procurement policy with a process for assessing the performance of all suppliers across all industries.
  5. Allow practical amendments to the government’s procurement policy in the regions to the 10% training requirement for apprentices, indigenous and female workers on government jobs.
  6. Introduce a single, mandatory, state-wide Housing Code for greater certainty and efficiency in housing development.

Financial stability

Builders will continue to struggle with unprecedented supply chain challenges, with soaring costs and delays expect to continue throughout the year. Master Builders will work to support financial stability in our industry and help head off widespread insolvencies.

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  1. Implement an early intervention payment dispute system that can address defective work and non-payment without the need for court action. It should extend to cover all work that is completed lawfully and within the licensing framework.
  2. Delay the introduction of Project Trust Accounts into private sector projects over $3 million until 2023 and over $ 1 million until 2024.
  3. Use the opportunity in the upcoming developer review to ensure that security payment measures start at the top of the supply chain with developers and owners.
  4. Review the Minimum Financial Requirements to ensure they are achieving their purpose and that the burden they impose is proportionate to the protection they provide.
  5. Raise the maximum deposit for domestic building projects to 7.5 per cent to support contractors’ cashflow and their ability to fund construction work up front.

Building quality

The rules builders work to ensure building quality must be workable and not take away from the affordability of new construction.

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  1. Provide free access to Australian Standards referenced in the National Construction Code (NCC).
  2. Ensure requirements for energy efficiency and accessible housing added into the NCC are buildable and cost effective.
  3. Introduce an industry-wide, mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme, including a New Builder Program to raise the bar for new residential builders.
  4. Determine workable options for funding the rectification of buildings with combustible cladding.
  5. Require manufacturers to confirm product conformance against the NCC requirements and communicate product information in a standard format (Product Technical Statements).

Physical and mental health

Our industry can be a challenging place to work.  It is important to support the physical and mental health of our workforce.  There can be no room for this to be compromised by other agendas.

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  1. Contribute to the development of the Psychological Health Code of Practice and address the lack of clarity around what compliance looks like.
  2. Provide better tools to support the mental health of workers, building on initiatives such as Mates in Construction.
  3. Require a ‘suitable person test’ for industrial relations and workplace health and safety permits so that only those who are ‘fit and proper’ can exercise the powers of the permit.

Effective enforcement

Buildings are delivered through supply chains. There needs to be effective enforcement of the entire supply to ensure that those who responsible are held to account.

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  1. Reform the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) to ensure that its regulation of industry is transparent, accountable, reasonable, reviewable, consistent with the legislation, and otherwise carried out with the highest integrity.
  2. Reform the rectification of defective building work process to ensure decisions are fair, proportionate and targeted at all relevant parties, including builders, subcontractors, developers and other principals.
  3. Reform the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme to ensure that payment of claim decisions are fair to all parties, subject to appropriate internal review processes, and recovery actions are undertaken in a manner that is lawful, transparent, and otherwise consistent with the highest standards of regulatory behaviour.

Throughout 2022, we will use every opportunity to lobby on behalf of the Queensland building and construction industry and our members, and seek support from the Queensland Government on these key issues.

For more information, email us or call 1300 30 50 10.

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