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Over the past two years Queensland’s building and construction industry has been subjected to a wave of regulatory reform that by and large has had a massive negative impact on the industry, creating a high level of unrest amongst members.

The Queensland Government’s big stick approach to reform has only served to beat our industry down. New laws like BIF, MFRs, PBAs, and extra costs like the waste levy, and the influence of the CFMEU, have all served to wear the industry down and increase the cost of doing business.

Add to this the severe downturn brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and many in our industry are struggling to continue to build.

As part of positioning Queensland for economic recovery post-COVID, it is essential that there is a fair, reasonable and balanced approach to regulating the construction industry if we are to continue to drive the economy and provide the jobs, homes, schools, and facilities that Queenslanders need.

Our election priorities centre around six central themes. We’re asking Queensland’s next state government to commit to actions required, to create a more competitive business environment, drive reform and boost the building industry.

In the lead up to the 2020 Queensland Election, we’ll seek support for these industry reforms that will strengthen and improve our industry.

Want to find out more? Download a full copy of our 2020 Election Priorities.

2020 Election Priorities

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