Disaster & floods

All the information you need to commence repair and rebuilding work in
the face of the recent severe weather events across Queensland.

Far North Queensland and South East Queensland Severe Weather

The severe weather and flooding events that are gripping both South East Queensland (SEQ) and Far North Queensland (FNQ) are having a significant impact.

Safety is the number one priority in the beginning; however, once repair and rebuilding work can commence, we’ve pulled together what you need to know. Once initial disaster response work is complete and floodwaters recede, we urge builders and homeowners to work together with insurers (where applicable) on first priorities, including the assessment of required repair work. Please note, repair work commenced and/or completed without the insurers consent may prejudice the property owner’s insurance claim.

Our Disaster Guidelines and Resources include information on first priorities such as power and plumbing, key areas to inspect following a flood, things that need to happen before building rectification works can commence and all about repair work contracts and your insurance obligations as a builder or tradie.

Our collection of information and resources on the common WHS hazards found during flooding, including mould, electrical safety and other infection risks from flood recovery and response work will also assist.

Finally, we’ve collated information on insurance coverage, how the situation is going to impact the already dire situation with trade and material shortages and delays, and the relief and assistance that is available.

Contracts and scams

Unfortunately, we frequently see scams that target vulnerable homeowners during times of natural disasters. We urge all homeowners and businesses who may be organising their own repair work, to ensure their builder or tradie is appropriately licensed and a contract is in place. Check the QBCC licence register or search for a licensed Master Builder.

Advice and support

Our team of experts are also ready to answer your questions. Wherever you are, call 1300 30 50 10 for advice specific to your situation.

First priorities

  1. Power and plumbing are your key priority:
    • Before power is returned, get a licensed electrician to assess/test any all electrical outlets in the home. Be mindful of homes and premises with photovoltaic (PV) systems as these may continue to produce power, despite network power outages. Find a licensed electrician via the Master Electricians website.
    • Get a licensed plumber to check the sewerage system.
  2. Photograph and record the condition of the damaged building work before starting repairs.
  3. Remove all mud, dirt and silt prior to rectification.
  4. Consult with the property owner and insurer (where appropriate) on next steps, prior to commencement of repair works.

Insurance coverage

If you have an insurance policy with Master Builders Insurance Services, give our team a call on 1300 13 13 26 and they can answer your questions about coverage and your policy or check out Vero's helpful flood fact sheet. You can also register your claim online.

You can also read more about your insurance obligations when performing repair work.

For homeowners with flood or storm damage, make sure you follow instructions from your insurer. They will advise the steps to take, not only for the safety of your home and your health, but also what their process for claiming is.

It’s important you speak to your insurer before you attempt to authorise any building work, including emergency repairs, and ask for their permission to ensure work is covered by your policy.

Shortages and delays

The recent severe weather event and floods are going to further exacerbate trade and material shortages and builders and homeowners are both going to be impacted. Homeowners and insurance companies may find it difficult to find available builders and tradies, given the already high levels of demand.

At this stage, it's hard to understand the true impact, until the flood waters recede – but we are expecting significant amounts of building recovery work throughout the SEQ and FNQ regions.

Relief and assistance

Support for storm and flood-affected Queenslanders is available from the Australian and Queensland Governments.

Building Back Better

When it comes time to build back, there is advice on building resilience to better prepare for when the next event strikes.

Disaster guidelines

Information on first priorities, key areas to inspect and what to do before building starts.

Repair work contracts

Written contracts are essential – learn more on repair work contracts and insurance obligations.

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