It’s time to face the Home Truths

Queenslanders are calling for action on the housing crisis.

Master Builders has travelled far and wide across our state to hear about housing and now we’re releasing the results to show how people are feeling about the crisis, the future, the plans, and the processes.

Spoiler alert – the people aren’t happy.

The mood is one of frustration that more progress isn’t being made. However, in true Queenslander style, they know whinging won’t help – getting on with the job will. That’s why Master Builders is putting forward our plan for progress – encouraging all sides of politics to back it for the sake of our great state.

“I feel as though some of the regulations they have are frivolous. I mean a little bit over the top.”
– Female 25-34yrs, Everton

“Thousands are homeless, and rent is extremely high so that average people can’t afford much.”
– Female 25-34yrs, Undecided Soft Voter, Bundaberg

“If it helps with the housing crisis and people no longer being homeless then I will definitely support the government rolling back some building and construction regulations.”
– Male 35-44yrs, LNP Soft, Rest Regional

The research

From Coolangatta to the Cape, we’ve been on a mission hearing about housing from the perspective of Queenslanders*. We’ve listened to over 1500 people over the last two months, spanning thousands of kilometres. They have helped us shape a point of view on the progress and pain points for Queenslanders when it comes to housing. Here are just some of the findings:

The results

Nine out of ten Queensland voters surveyed said that the government should be doing more to fix the housing crisis.

They supported a roll back of red tape to help provide more affordable housing faster.

There’s majority voter agreement of the reasons to roll back unnecessary red tape. These reasons cut across regulation hampering small business and construction processes.

Regional breakdown of data

Percentages of findings

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The solutions to get housing back on track in Queensland

Queenslanders want to see less unnecessary red tape to clear the way for our industry to deliver more housing, sooner and more affordably, to tackle the existing housing crisis.

To achieve this, they want the Queensland Government to step up and work with the building industry to drive down the cost of building, instead of increasing it.

Queensland builders have suffered an avalanche of regulatory changes over the past few years, costing time and money, in addition to challenging market conditions in the wake of COVID-19 and other international events. Queenslanders want these businesses better supported by government, so they can play their role in growing our state for the future.

We continue to call for a state-wide mandatory housing code to streamline planning rules, and speed things up at a local government level.

Over 90% of Queenslanders want organisations like Master Builders to work with the Queensland Government to achieve better outcomes for housing in Queensland and start to make things happen now.

1 Roll back the unwarranted changes to NCC 2022

We need to roll back the unwarranted changes to the National Construction Code (NCC) 2022, specifically the new accessibility and energy efficiency requirements. While inclusivity and sustainability are important to our communities, these changes are driving up the cost of new housing without a sufficient benefit.

2 Project trust accounts should be scrapped

Project trust accounts (PTAs) should be scrapped. They simply do not work – they don’t protect payments in insolvency. They are a complex, costly and unnecessary regulatory overlay to the numerous other security of payment protections for subcontractors. If they are rolled out to private projects over $3 million and then $1 million, this could kill many small businesses.

3 BPICs must be more flexible

The Best Practice Industry Conditions (BPICs) must be applied in a way that is flexible, enabling greater productivity on construction sites, without compromising worker safety or building quality.

4 The QBCC must work better for and with industry

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) must also work better for and with industry. Licence applications are processed too slowly, inconsistently, and still with no online option for builder and trade contractor applicants.

There should be no duplication of safety reporting notifications or investigations. Work Health Safety Queensland is the safety regulator. Builders should not be penalised for failing to issue duplicate notices to the QBCC.

5 A state-wide mandatory housing code

We continue to call for a state-wide mandatory housing code to streamline planning rules, and speed things up at a local government level.

Red tape is clogging the system, slowing down the delivery of housing and increasing the cost. We call on both sides of politics to better support the building industry by removing the roadblocks that are preventing us from getting on with the job for the good of every Queenslander.

"Some of them are overkill and will affect businesses. If we are imposing more regulations that are going to cost businesses how are those businesses meant to pay their workers what they are worth if they can’t afford it now?"
Female 35-44yrs, Other Soft, Thuringowa

“Some of the regulations won’t make a difference to the quality of the homes required for people to live in now. Some of the regulations are environmental or planning for disability in the future that may not be needed. The government would be better off with grants so that if people want to do these they can. This would assist in bringing down the cost of housing and make them quicker to build.”
– Female 65-54yrs, LNP Soft, Rest of SEQ

* Source: Master Builders election research conducted by Insightfully in January 2024 and included qualitative and quantitative phases with the results reflecting the views of Queensland voters.

Authorised P. Bidwell, Master Builders Queensland, 417-419 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill QLD 4000

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