Master Builders has two main committees, the Housing Sector Committee and the Construction Sector Committee made up of 10-14 Master Builders members, up to 50 per cent from Greater Brisbane and up to 50 per cent subcontractors. These committees are responsible for providing recommendations on policy and industry-wide issues, such as proposed or recommended changes to laws, codes and regulations.

Policy subcommittees are made up of 10-14 Master Builders members and up to 50 per cent subcontractors These subcommittees deal with specific policy areas, such as Industrial Relations, Contracts, Health & Safety, Environment and Renovation & Technical.

Committee members 2016-2019


M. Spry (Chair), D. Brockhurst, R. McDonald, G. Dunnett, G. Quinn, J. Bedsor, M, Norris, S. Hawkins, T. Orazio, A. Murchie, B. Johnston, C. Matthews, G. Rashleigh, T. Froio, Y. Pengilly, P. Barrie

Convenor: P. Bidwell


R. Hogno (Chair), A. Williams, B. Garland, C. Sawford, P Barton, S. Havas, S. Cedergren, B. Green, D. Dixon, J. Zielke, J. Wilkinson, L. Mizikovsky, R. Burns, S. Summers, G. Raine, J. Mahlouzarides, K. Ogilvie.

Convenor: P. Bidwell

Industrial relations

K. Augustine (Chair), B. Nairn, M. Halpin, T. Smith, G. Muir, M. Vicenzino, J. Russ, M. Plummer, A. Prevost, P. McDougall, P. Bickham, J. McGrath, J. Holloway, L. Turner

Convenor: M. Belfield


S. Reynolds (Chair), P. Lincoln, C. McBurnie, C. Woolnough, N. Herron, B. Nairn, S. Keune, R. Ayling, M, Roszka, M. Johnson, C. Burns, A. Sneddon, N. Harris, J. McCormack, A. Scott

Convenor: T. Wood

Health & safety

D. Dunne (Chair), R. Willson, J. McPherson, M. Palmer, M. Dawson, R. Thiess, A. Campbell, J. Simpkin, R. Alexiou, T. Raggatt, J. Gilbert, D. Corness, S. Kind, M. Cole, L, Whippy, T. Smith, J. Holloway

Convenor: M. Roberts


J. Nelson (Chair), M. Oliver, R. Grimston, M. Cole, R. Leeson, J. Holloway, A. Price, G. Forbes, T. Trinch, A. Botha

Convenor: M. Roberts

Renovation & technical

D. Wagner (Chair), RM. Paterson, D. McMullan, A. Williams, M, Porter, S. Nousala, B. Cover, S. Cedergren, B. Nicholls, C. Stuart, D. Dixon, S. Kind

Convenor: T. Mitchell

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