Divisions & branches

In addition to the Brisbane region, Master Builders is defined by eight regional divisions, each of which is supported by a regional office. Each division has a Committee of Management.

Elected every three years, each committee is responsible for identifying, discussing and recommending courses of action in relation to local and industry issues.

The Institute of Building Consultants (IBC) became a division of Master Builders in 1994 and is a professional group within Master Builders that provides ongoing development for its members to enhance their business viability.

Division & Branch Committees of Management 2022-2025


Gold Coast

Richard Crowther, Dale Hobley, Jai Johnson, Glenn Raine (Chair, Divisional Representative), Ren Richards, Austen Ritchie, Bill Williams

Downs & Western

Jason Bryant, Andrew Civil, Ross Hogno (Chair, Divisional Representative), Nelson Janke, Adam Kain, Ian Robotham, Tim Waring, Rob Weymouth

Sunshine Coast

Brendan Bathersby (Chair), Courtney Burns, Michael Crocker, Sean Evans, Matthew Palmer, Hew Williams, David Hungerford (Divisional Representative)

Wide Bay Burnett

Des Bowes, Tony Boyd, Jacquie Clarke, Steve Coates, Ross Cook, Wayne Kleidon, Andrew Murchie, John Rizzo, Angela Scott (Chair, Divisional Representative), Jesse Zielke

Central Queensland

Matthew Day (Divisional Representative), Gary Deacon (Chair), Boyd Hall, Keith Turner

Mackay & Whitsunday

Geoff Baguley (Divisional Representative), Adam Grace, Barry Green, Gordon Heelan, Ben Hilder (Chair), Glen Place, Bede Roebuck

North QueenslandPeter Drew, Adrian Gabrielli (Divisional Representative), Steve Figg, Kiall Franzmann, Jarrod Hurst, John Mahlouzarides (Chair), Paul Mahlouzarides, Rob Rule, Dan Spargo, Chris Taylor
Far North QueenslandRodney Byl, Wayne Cavallaro, Pelham Collins (Divisional Representative), Ralf Dutton (Chair), Richard Field, Rody Harder, Dean Hill, Brodie Price, Nathan Verri
Institute of Building ConsultantsMichael Decman (Divisional Representative), Donald Dixon (Chair), Bruce Haines, Mark Porter, Peter Rachow, Craig Ryan, David Tacon, Greg Sawyers



Jeremy Ison, Craig Stuart, Scott Sutton (Chair), Jy-Leigh Wilson, Chrishan Zerner


Steve Coates, David Job, Wayne Kleidon, Andrew Murchie, Sonja Pressler McHugh, Michael Rayner (Chair), John Rizzo, Jesse Zielke

Division & Branch Chairmen 2019–2022


Gold Coast: Glenn Raine

Downs & Western: Ross Hogno

Sunshine Coast: Brendan Bathersby

Wide Bay Burnett: Angela Scott

Central Queensland: Matthew Day

Mackay & Whitsunday: Barry Green

North Queensland: John Mahlouzarides

Far North Queensland: Ralf Dutton

IBC: Mike Decman


Bundaberg: Andrew Murchie

Gympie: Chrishan Zerner

Division & Branch Chairmen 2016–2019


Gold Coast: G. Raine

Downs & Western: P. Schriek

Sunshine Coast: M. Crocker

Burnett Wide Bay: Desmond Bowes

Central Queensland: W. Foster

Mackay & Whitsunday: K. Ogilvie

North Queensland: J. Mahlouzarides

Far North Queensland: K. Grossman

IBC: M. Decman


Bundaberg: A. Murchie

Gympie: M. Buchanan

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