The ABCB has released proposed energy efficiency changes to be included in the National Construction Code 2022. The plan is for Class 1 and 2 buildings to increase from 6 stars to 7 stars, under the NATHERS rating scheme. This is despite the fact that the government’s own numbers show that the costs considerably outweigh the benefits; the net cost in Queensland would be about $330 million per annum.

Since 2010, the Queensland Development Code (QDC) has allowed optional credits for an outdoor living area/ ceiling fan and photovoltaic solar to meet the 6 star energy efficiency requirement. The QDC also provides reduced glazing requirements and an exemption for insulation under suspended floors in climate zones 1 and 2.  

The Queensland Government, in seeking to deliver on their commitment to net zero emissions, they have committed to moving up to 7 stars and remove the QDC nominal credits and exemptions for glazing and suspended floor.

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