Master Builders donates $1 million towards MATES suicide prevention

11 March 2022

Every year 190 Australians working in the construction industry take their own lives. This means we lose a construction worker every second day to suicide.

This is the reason Master Builders has chosen Mates in Construction as the recipient of its $1 million donation.

In December last year, Master Builders received a $1 million dividend as a shareholder of Construction Income Protection Limited (CIPL). As it was money earned from industry members funds, the Master Builders Board determined it should be immediately put back into the industry from where it was generated.

Master Builders CEO, Grant Galvin said with more than 9,000 members, Master Builders has a finger on the pulse when it comes to issues facing those within the sector.

“There’s no doubt that mental health is a concern right across the industry that needs to be addressed urgently.

“Builders are facing unprecedented challenges with ongoing price hikes and trade and material shortages, which have been further impacted by the recent flooding event in south-east Queensland – the effects are weighing heavily on their and their staff and apprentices’ mental health,” he said.

Mates in Construction (MATES) have developed a well-researched blueprint to specifically support apprentices and employers across Queensland who might be going through difficult times.

MATES CEO, John Brady said the funding will turbocharge the program providing real support to builders over the next three years in supervising apprentices, particularly around mental health as well as delivering essential life skills to apprentices.

“The priority is to help builders retain their current apprentices by giving them support to manage their mental health in unprecedented times. The second priority is to attract young workers by showing them how the industry is adapting to change and their willingness to talk about mental health and support those people who need help” he said.

John said the money will benefit the industry by supporting builders in creating workplaces which are mentally healthy.

“MATES will continue to work with and expand the implementation of the construction blueprint for mental health. There are already many smaller companies who have found this a useful strategy,” he said.

The Master Builders Board stressed the importance that any dividends received from CIPL be diverted back to the industry rather than just benefiting Master Builders members.

“The money was ultimately collected from the industry, it’s only fitting that it is spent where it can provide the greatest benefit to building businesses and workers across Queensland,” Grant said.

Master Builders QLD donates to MATES

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