Asbestos compliance audit

22 July 2022

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) have advised of upcoming audit activity.

In August, WHSQ inspectors will begin an audit with a focus on businesses operating from buildings likely to contain asbestos and businesses that handle or store asbestos. These buildings are those built before 1990 and may include offices members may operate from, where asbestos registers and management plans are required.

According to WHSQ, the audits will focus on compliance with the requirement to develop asbestos registers and management plans in accordance with the Management of asbestos and associated risks regulation. Enforcement action from inspectors in response to breaches may include the issue of statutory notices and on-the-spot fines.

Further information is available from Worksafe’s alert.

Master Builders team of WHS experts is available to assist members with any queries they have about asbestos, or any other WHS matter. Please contact us or call 1300 30 50 10.

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