CodeMark Certificates withdrawn

27 February 2019

The Australian Building Codes Board and the Queensland Building and Construction Commission recently confirmed a number of CodeMark Certificates of Conformity for ACP and EPS cladding products were withdrawn on the 12 February 2019.

  • CM40029 – Ozone Panel Building Systems
  • CM40066 – Alpolic A2
  • CM40067 – Alpolic FR
  • CM40076 – Ultrabond FR
  • CM40079 – Vitrabond FR
  • CM40082 – Dulux Exsulite TM Kooltherm Façade System
  • CM40093 – Larson FR
  • CM40138 – Dulux Exsulite TM Thermal Façade non-cavity system
  • CM40162 – Cladex FR

CodeMark Certificates of Conformity are just one option for Evidence of Suitability under the NCC.

What are the ramifications?

Withdrawal of the Certificates means that they are no longer recognised as a form of Evidence of Suitability under the NCC.

Before 12 February 2019: Construction projects completed (Certificate of Classification or Form 21 issued) before the 12 February 2019 are still covered by the withdrawn Certificate.

After 12 February 2019: Construction projects that are either underway or yet to commence, require an alternative form of Evidence of Suitability. Builders have an obligation under Queensland building and QBCC legislation to take action to satisfy themselves of the suitability of a product.

Why were these certificates withdrawn?

The withdrawal of the Certificates came about following a detailed audit of the CodeMark scheme by the administrator, JAS-ANZ. While the audit targeted products used in Type A & B / Class 2-9 construction, these products are also used in Type C / Class 1 & 10 construction.

The issuer of the CodeMark Certificates, CertMark, has advised that while they were satisfied that all  the products are compliant, the Certificates needed to include more direction on where the products could be used, for example Type A, B or C construction.

Some of the products with a withdrawn Certificates are already going through the process of having the Certificates reissued but there is no clarity as to which ones or how long this will take. If reissued, it is likely to be with limitations, such as restricted to Type C or Class 1 & 10 construction.

What should you do?

We recommend that builders review all projects that do not have a final Certificate of Classification or Form 21 as at the 12 February 2019. Where one of these products has been specified or installed, contact the product manufacturer and building certifier for advice on alternative Evidence of Suitability.

For further advice and assistance, contact us.

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