Current state of play for NCC 2022

24 July 2023

You may have recently heard or read about a delay to the implementation of the NCC 2022 changes in the media, and as part of your efforts to comply with the changes, you need to be sure you have the right information.

Current state of play

NCC 2022 commenced on 1 May 2023 – however, the livable (accessible) housing and energy efficiency provisions will commence 1 October 2023 in Queensland.

What changed on 1 May?

The biggest changes you need to know about are waterproofing and falls to floor wastes in wet areas – but we recommend you are across all the changes, including bushfire protection, early childhood centres, face mounted balustrade, quantification and wind loads.

What is happening on 1 October?

Minister de Brenni recently confirmed livable housing, energy efficiency and condensation changes will commence from 1 October 2023. Although it has been reported in the media there is a further extension to implementation, it is only narrow lots (12.5m and less frontage) already titled or in a subdivision approval process that may receive a longer transition and only for livable housing provisions.

For construction projects in development at 1 October, government has released a transition guide detailing scenarios where the existing or new requirements apply.

Navigating livable housing and energy efficiency changes

The livable housing and energy efficiency changes will likely require changes to house designs. Our documentation checklist will help you understand what should be on the plans for livable housing requirements. We are still waiting for updates to the energy efficiency software most used in Queensland (BERS) to know for sure.

We have also prepared a consumer guide for you to give to clients to explain the changes.

What impact will the changes have?

Unfortunately, these changes will result in increased costs to building a home in Queensland. Exactly how much will depend on a number of factors such as the type of construction, the climate zone, topography and lot size.

What is Master Builders doing about this?

We’ve been fighting for better outcomes for members and keeping members informed of the changes.

In addition to our ongoing advocacy with government decision-makers including many policy submissions, we’ve been hard at work informing members of the NCC changes via advertising campaigns, magazine articles, media coverage, social media campaigns, Roadshows 2022 and 2023, numerous webinars, and regular member emails. Look out for more to come, including our next round of industry information sessions across Queensland that will feature NCC during August and September.

We're asking government for more time to get the changes right, and more exemptions to allow workable and affordable solutions.

Our latest campaign is an online petition and includes emails to MPs, Minister de Brenni, the Premier and Deputy Premier. If you agree with us, please get involved by getting in touch with your local MP and other politicians and share the petition campaign with your network.

Our next campaign, featuring television commercials, digital and billboards will be coming mid-August. Keep an eye on your inbox for information from Master Builders.

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